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“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school walls, which moulds and develops men.” – W. E. du Bois

About Zee School

Litera Valley Zee School is one of the Hosur's most established schools and the best received school in Hosur to possess this hotspot. Our school is a fun-filled, academically well-driven place that has been founded and continues to live in the continuing estimations of the liberal convention.

Litera Valley Zee School's training framework has a lure with the understudies from Hosur and those who go to school here. The framework is regulated by the Department of Education and the Department of Business - Innovation and Skills.

There might be no other school that has researchers, specialists, and architects that meet up to diversify tradition and bring about a positive change. Our school takes a favourable position in its area that standouts amongst the most festive and diverse urban communities on earth.

Since the beginning of Litera Valley Zee School in 2010, that has retracted the limits of scholarly and well thought idea that is aimed at one’s scholastic focus. Our rigor, multidimensional system breaks down the dividers amongst orders and aids the dynamic personalities. In our school, understudies become academically able to mould their unique ways of living for a complex and quickly changing world.

With an unbelievably strong workforce, we concentrate on creating understudies who will impact the world and apprehend the most significant social issues of our opportunity.

Litera Valley Zee School successfully complete something much more than instructing the understudies. The school prepares them to – create relational abilities, self-control and greater regard for themselves, their peers and its actuality. Schools offer a more diverse educational module in the key learning territories namely; English, arithmetic, investigations of society and nature, science, expressions, Dialects Other Than English (LOTE), innovation, well-fare and physical instruction. Moreover, they unequivocally accept the advantages of an adjusted training.

In Hosur, understudies will learn the importance of an assorted learning condition that is as expressly enhancing as it is constructive, and build up the abilities and qualities in the ever-changing world.

Delivering thought pioneers

Our school’s educational modules set them up for their future. Our schools intend to form understudies into students that are sure and innovative people and educated nationals –to give every one of them abilities and capacities to prosper in a globalized world. From Kindergarten to Year 12, Litera Valley Zee School focuses on giving value to each understudy, and taking a shot at brilliance in every aspect of training.

Showing styles and evaluation strategies

A variety of showing strategies are utilized, including: coordinated learning, understudy investigate, aggregated ventures and introductions, visual introductions, e-learning and intelligent classrooms. An assortment of evaluation strategies is used to survey understudy results. It may incorporate individual research ventures, aggregated assignments, oral and visual introductions, the implementation of innovation including PowerPoint, podcast or vodcast introductions, and the more conventional class tests and assignments. National and state testing programs ensure measures are met.